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Resolved Against Deportation Detention!

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On 01.05.2021 we start with our first online protest against detention pending deportation. We call on people to send keys to the deportation prison in Büren until 20.06.2021. Deportation prison Büren, Stöckerbusch 1, 33142 Büren.

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In Büren near Paderborn stands Germany’s largest deportation prison. A prison in which people are not only locked up for questionable and mostly illegal reasons. They are also subjected to abuses that violate human rights. Deportation
itself not only pushes them into a lack of prospects, but is life-threatening.

Expose these conditions with keys and throw in accusations!

We don’t accept this any longer, we want to abolish detention centres and all forms of deportation. Join our key action: Take our postcard (download here)
and write on it why you want to abolish deportation detention and deportations. If possible, include a key (real or made)
as a symbol for a reality without closed borders and prison doors and address everything to:

JVA Büren
Stöckerbusch 1
33142 Büren

Send a key to the jail!

We would be happy if you feel like sending us a photo of your key or postcard to the following address:


Flyer with information

Sample letter (PDF file | Word file)

Sign the petition
The petition will be made available from 1.05.2021. You are welcome to write to us already and we will send you back the link by Mail as soon as it is available.

Join the protest against detention pending deportation!

Moria on Lesbos has become as quickly the epitome of the European refugee situation as it has disappeared from
attention, but Europe’s borders remain sealed, the Mediterranean remains the world’s deadliest border and refugees are still being held in camps in disastrous conditions. It is just not a simple “refugee situation” at Europe’s external borders, but an inhumane practice that continues in
One part of this cruel practice is detention pending deportation, where people are deprived of their liberty for months until they are deported. Detention pending deportation is not a punishment, but “only” a security measure to facilitate deportation. Nevertheless, the person concerned is placed behind bars in a special deportation prison. Also take part in the signature petition, so that at the end of the action we can express our opinion in a long list of signatures.