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Open borders!

Demonstration against detention pending deportation 29.08.2020 12:00 Paderborn – Westerntor/ Herz-Jesu-Kirche

29.08.20 Bürendemo

We say: Enough!!
Rachid Sbaai died on August 30th!
On August 29th we will protest against deportation imprisonment like every year!
Off too Büren!
Let’s open all the cells!
Together we demand the abolition of deportation imprisonment!

Freedom Matters!
Deportation custody has been institutional racism for 101 years.
That means deportation only to effectively enforce the inhuman act of deportation. We reject deportation custody!

Especially in “Corona-times” the system of deportation custody leads itself ad absurdum. People are taken into custody under terrible conditions in order to be deported, without deportations actually taking place.

The biggest deportation prison in Germany is in Büren, very close to the district Paderborn.

Key to Humanity! – Open borders! – Close deportation prisons!

August 29th 2020 Demonstration against deportation detention

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