Time: 01.05.2021 – 20.06.2021

On this homepage you will find a postcard motif that you can print out. Write on it, why you want to abolish deportation detention and deportations, add if possible a key (real or made) as a symbol for a reality without closed borders and prison doors and address everything to: Deportation Prison Büren, Stöckerbusch 1, 33142 Büren, Germany.

Join the protest against deportation detention!

Moria on Lesbos has become the epitome of the European refugee situation as quickly as it disappeared from attention. But Europe’s borders remain closed, the Mediterranean remains the world’s deadliest border, and refugees are still detained in camps under catastrophic conditions. It is not simply a “refugee situation” at Europe’s external borders, but an inhumane practice that continues in Germany.

Germany’s largest deportation prison is located in Büren near Paderborn. A prison in which people are imprisoned for questionable reasons and the majority illegally. They are also subjected to abuse that violates human rights. The deportation itself does not only lead to a lack of perspective, but is also life-threatening.

Decipher these conditions and throw in accusations!

We do not accept this any longer, we want to abolish deportation prisons and every form of deportation. Therefore, join our key action and send your key against deportation detention to: Deportation prison Büren, Stöckerbusch 1, 33142 Büren

Also take part in the signature petition, so that we can make our opinion known in a long signature list at the end of the action. You can find the link to the petition on our homepage:

We would be happy if you send us a photo of your key or postcard to the following address: [email protected].

We want to collect these photos and publish them online to make your commitment visible.